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Not only do I love Eye Surgeons for my eye care(and that of my family), but today, I went for my FREE hearing test. I hadn't had a hearing test since I was in grade school (55 years ago) and I was so pleased, thankful, appreciative and thrilled....Kat (the hearing specialist) was fantastic!! She explained everything to me, she checked my ears, cleaned some wax out of one (made a difference!!) and then she gave me my test AND explained the results! What a wonderful service to offer to the Quad Cities! I don't know who the eye doctor was that recommended this service but I thank him/her and whoever made the decision to offer it!! Thank you Eye Surgeons! I am proud to be a patient!! Jacki Legare-Catour BTW - you don't even have to be a patient to take advantage of the free hearing test!! ARE THEY GREAT OR WHAT????

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I had my Lasik procedure done by Dr. Phinney about a month ago and haven't had any issues other than a little bit of dry eyes, which only lasted about 2 weeks. I still continue to use the lubricating eye drops just for good measure. :) The procedure was bumpy at first because I would not keep my eyes open and was squeezing them, which is a BIG No-No. :0 Lol..But the nursing staff and doctor Phinney were all great & were able to overcome my fears and get me to relax. I thought they would give up on me, but they didn't. I was very Challenging, to say the least! So Trust me, if I CAN DO IT & GET THROUGH IT, ANYONE CAN DO IT! Its WORTH IT IN THE END!! NO MORE EYE GLASSES & CONTACTS & I couldn't be Happier! ;) I would definitely recommend ESA to anyone who is considering Lasik! A BIG THANKS to ESA for a job well done!! ;)

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I've never been to Eye Surgeons Associates until today (at least not as a patient) and I have to say every associate that I came in contact with from the receptionists, to the young lady that did my preliminary, to Dr Hansol, I couldn't have been treated with anymore kindness and professional service. It had been several years since last exam, and it was explained on every exam that was given to me of what it specifically was for, which helped me relax. I will definitely tell all my friends who maybe looking for a great place to get their eye care. . Thank you all very much.

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I should have done this year's ago! I have wore contacts or glasses since the fourth grade. Now, the next day after my surgery on 11/03/2014...I am seeing 20/20! I am seeing in such detail and in such clarity that I never saw before. Truly amazing experience. Awesome service and care with Dr. Phinney giving me phenomenal results!