5 stars 5
So far, so good - after my one-yr-old broke my glasses frame, I took it to the optical shop, and the lady there repaired it for free, bless her heart, as well as she could. I've booked a first eye appointment there and will report back if there's any change in my opinion of the place.

5 stars 5
The staff were friendly, even jovial. Nice open clean office. I went for an eye exam and aside from the occasional expected delay, i was in and out pretty quickly. I was seen by Sr' Thees who has a warm and gentle manner. He was confident and explained what he was doing and why and made the exam relevant as opposed to merely something done. <br><br>Highly recommended.

4 stars 4
Had a bit of trouble scheduling here and my initial review reflected that experience. While I've still not scheduled a visit or seen one of their physicians to-date, their Director of Administration found my review and reached-out to make it better. <br><br>A business reaching back to a client/customer or prospective client/customer is a rare thing these days, and regardless of first impressions, that always means a lot in my book. It also means the business is keeping an eye out for how to improve and to remedy any issues those clients claim to have had. With that said, I'd recommend trying them, at least once. They've won me back not by service, yet, but by the attention they've given to me and their sincere efforts on making their patients feel welcome and cared for.