5 stars 5
He is very easy to speck to & ask questions. Understood was he was sayign, without difficulty, what he is explaining. He & his staff are friendly & super, to work with.

5 stars 5

5 stars 5
Staff is very friendly and competent. Dr. Shiple is also a people person and individualizes his consultations and recommendations to the expressed concerns and preferences of his patients. He listens. All services are comfortably provided with attention to all the necessary details of best practice and reflect a true professional. I have been very pleased and feel I received excellent services.

4 stars 4
You have a good office of nice, supportive staff, and very competent. The phone work is also efficient. COVID 19 measures, perfect. The paperwork, while copious, was clear. Now: I have a Master's Degree. I had two appointments with Dr. McC, and a short phone call ($175). I saw the Seven Days video clip. I spoke with associates there. There was a random questionnaire the morning of my pre-op (not in my packet),. And yet still, 2 weeks post-op now, I do not understand the choices I was given regarding lens option/vision options. It was confusing! Friends ask me, Did you go for the no-glasses choice, or far or near or...? I don't know! There was a mistake during the first pre-op (near), changed during the second (far). Perhaps, could I suggest, you need a Fact Sheet or explanatory note very early, in the packet, or possibly a video, or a better outline of the possibilities. Please ditch that questionnaire; no one read it or discussed it with me and it just sowed doubt into what I wanted and what I was to get. This is my main feedback. I know other patients are confused, too -- I was told as much while in your office and trying to figure out the glasses/no glasses/contact/far, near...Thank you for understanding! This one change could make for an excellent experience.

5 stars 5
Excellent care but the wait times can be long.