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5 stars 5
I finally bit the bullet and decided to have my vision corrected by LASIK. When I started researching, the only name that consistently came up was Dr. Ellis. When a coworker had the LASIK done by Dr. Ellis, I decided it was time. So I made an appt. for an evaluation. Found out I was a good candidate and scheduled the surgery for the following week...It was the best decision of my life. After 30 years of wearing glasses and contacts, I'm finally free of them! I can see clearly and I'm loving it! Not only that, but the whole experience was terrific. I just had my 2 month check up and I'm stable. So now I don't have to go back for another 4 months! Everyone at Ellis Eye has been amazing. So wonderful and caring. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Ellis for anyone considering this surgery...

5 stars 5
Next week marks my 1-year anniversary of having Wavefront LASIK performed and I couldn't be happier! After a quick consultation in Walnut Creek, Dr. Ellis performed the surgery two days later in San Jose and his staff was polite, helpful and took the time to talk to my dad, who drove me to and from the appt. I have had all of my follow-ups closer to home in El Cerrito with Dr. Delacruz. I'm at 20/20 vision now and have excellent night vision. This is a change for me because I had haloing at night most of my life and hated driving at night. I wore glasses from the age of 10 to 32 (and contacts from 14 to 32) with my last Rx at -3.75 in each eye.<br><br>I recommended Ellis Eye Centers to 3 of my coworkers and 1 had a successful surgery 2 months ago (the others haven't booked a consultation yet). Dr. Delacruz in El Cerrito is really nice, knowledgable, and gets me in and out of my check-ups in less than 10 minutes!

5 stars 5
I've worn glasses most of my life and was told by other eye surgeons that LASIK was not an option because of thin corneas.  The team at Ellis Eye & Laser identified me as a candidate for LASEK.  I'm finally free of the hassle of wearing glasses and contacts.<br><br>I'm in my mid-50's with a strong presecription for being near-sighted, so I initially was unsure about moving forward.  What convinced me to move ahead was the thoroughness of the exam and the time the doctor took to explain exactly what was involved with the procedure in detail.<br><br>The care before and after the LASEK was outstanding.  Understandably, an elective surgery involving one's vision can create anxiety.  Bobby, the nurse, was the best at making her patients' relax and feel that they were in safe hands and well taken care for.<br><br>If you are thinking about corrective vision surgery in the Bay Area, Dr. Ellis is the place to go!<br><br>John Bissell

5 stars 5
I got my lasik surgery 3 months back and my eye site now is 20/20.<br>I am so happy the way Ellis did the surgery.<br>Over all I recommend this place who are looking for lasik.....!

5 stars 5
Great ! Very helpful and freindly staff. Thanks to Dr. Ellis, I have perfect vision!