6500 Fairmount Ave, Suite #2
El Cerrito, CA 94530

5 stars 5
I wore glasses for eleven years and thanks to Dr. Ellis I now see better than 20/20, i see 20/15!! I would highly recommend the San Jose office.  Their staff are so nice especially Marleney and Veronica,  they make you feel so welcome and lessen the nervousness of the surgery.  Also when you get the procedure done it comes with free chechups even after a year.  They truly made my dream come true.

4 stars 4
I had my  LASIK surgery about a month or two ago, and let me say I wanted to punch my brother in the face for telling me "you dont feel anything at all" LOL I'm very sensitive when it comes to my eyes, and I've had my appendix removed, But this was extremely worse, I think it's just the fact of being awake while knowing there is someone messing with your eyeball, but that's just me... The staff was extremely friendly ! especially Bobbi the nurse, she made me feel so comfortable, she let me know how it would feel and what i needed to do after the surgery, she was very very nice ! after the surgery was the worse part, it felt as if there was sand paper mixed with lime juice in my eyes.. just like Bobbi had said it would feel. I went home right away took the pain and sleeping pills and knock out almost instantly, when i woke up the next day i could open my eyes, and was amazed that i could see almost perfectly !! It feels so amazing to be able to wake up and not look like Velma from Scooby Doo asking my Fiance "where are my glasses?" Lol.  And  Dr. Ellis was very nice with a sense of humor ! not your average doctor he made me feel welcomed, and made me feel secure enough to let him fix my eyes!  Over all I would recommend this place to anyone wanting to fix their eye sight, plus I read that Dr. Ellis is EXTREMELY experienced in what he does. which is GREAT ! plus the Great price they have to offer! How can you not come here? =] Thank you Dr. Ellis and your Staff for giving me back my 20/20 eye sight !

5 stars 5
Today was my "2nd opinion" although I didn't tell Ellis Eye because I wanted them to see me without reservations.<br>Although it was a far drive for me, it was truly worth it!<br>The entire staff were nothing but professional and friendly.  In fact, a family had come in for their appointment, sat down, and then decided to leave at the last minute.<br>Whereas I probably would've been peeved that this family took a spot that could've gone to someone who would've stayed, the receptionist was super friendly & just said, "OK, if you change your mind, just give a call!". Wow.<br>The person who had taken my call when I'd made my appointment, came into my room to say a special hello & welcome me to the office!<br>But here's where I was truly impressed...<br>When the doctor came in to see me, after my eyes had been dilated, she was extremely patient, and took her time with me.  At NO point did I feel rushed, which is VERY important to me!!<br>It turns out that I am not a candidate for LASIK, but instead PRK.<br>I had been told the same thing at a certain 49'ers doctor ("V" as in "very important doctor") but the difference here was, it was explained to me.<br>Yep, Mr 49'ers just showed me pictures to dumb it down to me & said, this is a candidate's eye....here's yours.  You can do PRK.  Let me show you to the scheduling room.<br>This doctor took the time to explain it to me.  Why it wouldn't work, and why the pain of PRK wouldn't even be worth my tiny amount of corrective vision.<br>Just based on that, if I 'could' do LASIK, I'd do it at Ellis.  Really.  No, it isn't fancy as others have pointed out, but honesty will get my dollar EVERY time, and it should get yours too.

5 stars 5
20/15 Vision in both eyes, from 20/80, and 20/140.   I've had eye injuries before - they weren't a problem.  Everything was fully explained, results were great.  Procedure was literally in and out in 30 minutes on the day of (you do screenings, and some other things in the days beforehand).  <br><br>Do keep to the recommended recovery regime -- just get rest the first couple of days, don't try to "see" everything without glasses, just rest up. My brother didn't, and had to go back for followup procedures. <br><br>Dr. Ellis is great - the nurses are great - everyone polite and kind, and the procedure turned out wonderfully!  Completely satisfied, and it's been 5 years.  I wish everyone could experience this.

5 stars 5
Where do I begin? So many great things to say. <br><br>I started having problems with my contacts a couple months before my wedding. I decided to have a consultation because there was no way I was wearing glasses on my wedding day. Besides having to wait longer than expected to be seen, the consultation went well (after that time I never had to wait long again). Everyone at the office was so helpful when I was making my decision whether or not I wanted to move forward. I kept asking "I'm getting married in 30 days, would you do this?!" They reassured me and I decided to do it. My surgery was May 1st and my wedding was June 2nd. <br><br>I had to have epi-lasik but Dr. Ellis did an amazing job. The recovery the first few days was miserable, but they give you sleeping pills and pain meds which makes the time fly haha. By day 4 I was back on my feet. Blurry vision but at least up and about. At my wedding I could see perfectly. My only side effect is dry eyes at night but I put in a cream before I go to bed and don't even notice it. <br><br>Today I am seeing 20/20!!!<br><br>I recently had a problem where I got something stuck in my upper eyelid that was causing severe pain. Not only did they answer our call at 3 AM!! but they saw me as soon as they opened in the morning and Dr.Chen fixed the problem and made me as good as new. They were so helpful, so kind, and so good at what they do. <br><br>I would recommend anyone to them. I am so glad I had the procedure. I see better now than I ever did with contacts or glasses. It's amazing!!<br><br>Not to mention they are the most affordable office in town. :)