6500 Fairmount Ave, Suite #2
El Cerrito, CA 94530

5 stars 5
IF it was me, I'd quit way before sixty thousand procedures...<br><br>BUT that ain't gonna happen with Dr. Ellis!!! Not sure about other eye surgury places, but for me it's very rare to walk into a Dr. Office environment that's full of charming, highly respectful individuals. Since that's how it is at Ellis Eye LMC, it's clear as mud why everyone who works here loves their job enough that it shows everyday... especially with Marleny and Veronica!<br><br>So what y'all wanna know the most is the quality and price... well my painless (I must confess, I wasn't fearless) PRK surgery took less than 8 minutes and after about 3-5 months my vision is REALLY REALLY close to 20/20. I'm pretty sure the price I paid was WAY lower than other places. So of course, I'm more than satisfied.

5 stars 5
I was referred to this office by several friends who had the procedure done. I do not regret that decision at all, the office is very plain but the purpose of the service is to better your vision. What makes the experience really worth while is the customer service. Veronica who works the front desk is very attentive, patient and helpful. Marleny the patient counselor is very thorough, upfront and honest, she answers all questions and does not shy away from answering any questioned asked of her. Dr. Ellis himself is very good at his at job but found he is very direct which could be misinterpreted by some individuals. All and all I do recommend Dr. Ellis and the staff at the Moorpark location. Before the procedure I could not decipher facial characteristics between a male and female sitting 10 feet in front of me (left eye -5.75, right eye -6.50) now I am 20/20, just one letter shy of between 20/15 on the eye examination chart.

5 stars 5
It's been a few months since I had my epi-lasik done and I still can't get over the fact that I'm free of glasses now.  I used Dr. Ellis because years ago before laser correction surgery existed, my friend had her near sightedness corrected by Dr. Ellis.  And, to me, that amount of experience with vision correction meant a lot.  I also want to say that the staff at the San Jose location such as Veronica and Marleny make you feel very welcome and like you've been friends for a long time.  That also helps to overcome any anxiety you may have about getting a procedure like this.

5 stars 5
Just had the LASIK procedure done by Dr. Ellis and I am extremely satisfied. His staff was great, they went over all the benefits and possible negatives and let me make my choice. <br><br>If you live in the Bay Area go see Dr. Ellis. He has the experience and he will help you make the right choice.
5 stars 5
Procedure: LASIK Wavefront<br>                   COST Reasonable and affordable<br>                   Results Excellent at 9 hours POST OP (will update if this changes)<br><br>I rarely leave Yelp reviews but after reading the negative reviews for Dr. Ellis I was compelled to accurately and fairly describe my surgical experience that I had TODAY! <br> <br>Initially, I was seen in the Walnut Creek office for the first exam and consultation.  The process was smooth at that location despite a few hang-ups that are to insignificant to even mention.  This was on THURSDAY and I scheduled the surgery for TODAY (04/08/13).  <br><br>I was impressed by how qualified Dr. Ellis was in refractive surgery which comforted me in making my final decision to proceed.  Given his impressive list of qualifications, there were several other perks along the way and I will try to list them.<br><br>During my pre op time, I had the pleasure to meet with Bobbie, RN and she gave me very detailed instructions on what to expect intra-op and post op.  She was concerned with my comfort and provided me with amazing reassurance and VALIUM, thank goodness!  I was a bundle of nervous energy!  After speaking with her and listening to what she had to say, I was at ease and felt ready.  She is a definite true gem in this practice, a real asset!  An amazing lady and a pioneer in her field as well!  One RN knows another!<br><br>Dr. Ellis was very warm and comforting during my initial encounter with him prior to the surgical procedure.  All negative comments written here that were in my mind suddenly vanished.  He answered all the questions that I had and he was very patient.  In no way did I feel rushed or like he was minimizing the way I was feeling as I was very apprehensive.  Granted, he is preforming LASIK everyday but I never felt  insignificant.  He even allowed my friend/ride to sit in during the procedure.  Dr. Ellis was approachable and personable with a good bedside manner.  <br><br>Intra-operatively, Joel made things seem to function smoothly.  He was explaining everything that  I was experiencing and feel as Dr. Ellis was working.  He let me know how much time was remaining and what I would experience during that time.  This may have been the most reassuring part of the entire day aside from the fact that surgery was at 1:45pm and I can see clearly now without contacts or glasses at 10:00pm. <br><br>Thank you Ellis Eye and Laser!!<br><br>PS.  Thank you Bobbie for the Prada, Gucci and Coach products!  I have grown to really like them as you said that I would!