6500 Fairmount Ave, Suite #2
El Cerrito, CA 94530

5 stars 5
I have to give the ENTIRE STAFF 5 stars!!! They are simply amazing! I was tired of wearing glasses and something as simple as waking up from my bed turning on my TV and being able to clearly see. Also, the thought of driving and being able to read street signs and license plates made me extatic! I did not believe it was possible and I got so used to wearing glasses. I went in to see a fabulous family friend Marleny Garcia (not only is amazing but one of the happiest person on EARTH) for a consultation. After 2 months I decided to do my LASIK. I felt scared but everyone there made it easy to feel comfortable. <br><br>Doctor Ellis was also great. I will admit during the proccedure I started to hate him. However when I woke up Saturday morning and I could SEE I think like him now :). I now have 20/20 vision. I highly recomment this medical center because everyone is knowledgeble and friendly. Your money is well spent at Ellis Eye & Laser Medical Center if you want to do LASIK.

5 stars Recommended
I had my Lasik done in 2000. Still going strong. No issues at all. Great place. Thank you, Dr. Ellis.

5 stars 5
Thank you Ellis Eye Center, my vision is back and now I am at 20/20! They have super friendly staff, go see Marleny and she can get you the package you need to get your vision back.

5 stars 5
I got Epi-LASIK done about 2 weeks ago at Ellis Eye. Like everyone else, I was nervous about someone cutting into my eyes then shooting lasers at them. I went in for the consultation and set up my surgery for a week later. The surgery itself was painless, but the first couple of days of recovery really sucked. You get pain killers and sedatives, though, so I took full advantage of that and slept for literally days.<br><br>The staff is great. Maleny and the lady whose name I didn't catch were both super encouraging and flexible to work with my budget. It looks like a regular doctor's office, not a spa, which is fine. Great place and I'm referring all my friends here.

4 stars 4
I went to Dr Ellis at the San Jose office and I thought that the staff was great and waited only a short time to see somebody. I went to the Ellis eye center at El Cerrito and went to confer with the eye surgeon before the surgery and I decided that Lasik was not right for me after talking to the surgeon. I left with no sales pressure or nothing like people are saying. I have 20/40 and probably didn't really need lasik after all. I don't understand all of the negative ads. I guess that after doing over 50,000 of these operations like Dr Ellis has done you are going to run into a few cry babies along the way