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El Cerrito, CA 94530

5 stars 5
1998 I was preparing to retire from 21 yrs with the Air Force. My sight was 20/600 (bad) and I could not even be considered for a job as a police officer due to my "uncorrected" vision. I took leave from work and had laser surgery by Dr. Ellis in El Cerrito. After a lifetime of terrible eyesight I  peeked out my front window and WOW...20/20 vision. I retired from the Air Force and became a police officer. <br>  Fastfwd 17 yrs and as a 55 yr old police officer I only wear contacts when I'm working. My days off I do not wear ANY contacts or glasses!!!  Dr.Ellis' surgery was painless and truly the best investment ever. <br>  I am writing this review because my wife is having a consultation next week to have her eyes done and I would NEVER consider doing it anywhere else based on my results.<br><br>T. Kingi,  Vacaville, CA<br>USAF Retired

5 stars 5
i had great experience at this location, everybody was very friendly. i got my surgery about a year ago, it was very seemsless.

5 stars 5
You realize how important the outcome of this surgery in your life is when you take a real look at your need to wear a pair of glasses in order to observe the world around you.<br>It is wonderful to finally be able to see the faces of your children and your husband in detail, the pictures of your family on your phone or computer, how you can finally see the textures of your cooking, even being able to look at your own face while doing makeup. All this was lost, or at least, needed the help of glasses to enjoy these things.<br><br>Today, I am free. and it is splendid.<br><br>I am grateful to Dr. Ellis for the results from this laser surgery. I have returned to my young eyes from the past.<br><br>This comment is particularly for the San Jose Clinic: the attention of your staff is amazing. Veronica and Marleny are people who make you feel very comfortable in every aspect. You arrive nervous about the magnitude of the event and they reassure you with their gentle smiles and help. They are always friendly and their attention to you comes first. And the same goes for Dr. Jennifer, who saw through my tests and followed through on the following days from my surgery. She was always very considerate with me and answered all my questions and calmed my doubts. Thanks girls, I am very grateful to you.<br><br>Today, 2 months after having practiced laser surgery on my eyes, I am writing this with my whole, clear vision without using glasses, which is incredibly wonderful!<br><br>-Infinite Thanks, Alma R.<br><br>TRANSLATION IN SPANISH: Cuando te ves en la necesidad de usar un par de lentes para observar el mundo a tu alrededor, comprendes lo importante que es el resultado de esta cirugia en tu vida.<br>Es maravilloso ver la cara de tus hijos y esposo a detalle, las fotografias de tus familiares en tu telefono o en la computadora, el cocinar, el contemplar tu propio rostro al maquillarte.  Todo esto lo había perdido, o al menos, necesitaba la ayuda de los lentes para disfrutarlo.<br>  <br>Hoy en dia, soy libre.  Esto es espléndido.<br><br>Estoy agradecida con el Dr. Ellis por los resultados obtenidos con la cirugía laser. Me ha devuelto la juventud a mis ojos.<br><br>En cuanto a la Clínica de San José, la atención de su personal es increíble.  Verónica y Marleny son personas que te hacen sentir muy cómoda.  Te presentas nerviosa por la magnitud del evento y ellas te tranquilizan con su sonrisa y su ayuda.  Siempre son amables y su atención es de primera.  Y lo mismo ocurre con la doctora Jennifer, quien me hizo las revisiones en los días siguientes.  Siempre fue muy considerada conmigo y contestó todas mis dudas y preguntas.  Gracias muchachas, estoy muy agradecida con ustedes.<br>Hoy, a 2 meses de haberme practicado la cirugía laser en mis ojos, estoy escribiendo estas líneas con mi visión entera, clara, sin necesidad de utilizar lentes.<br><br>Esto es maravilloso!<br><br>-Gracias infinitas. Alma R.

5 stars 5
I had surgery over ten years ago. Every day for those ten years I am thankful for the excellent service and care I received from Dr. Ellis and his staff. I started wearing glasses in the 5th grade and by the time I was in my early thirties I was nearly legally blind. Now, for over ten years I see 20/20. The procedure, which was explain thoroughly, was painless and so quick. I can't say enough about this clinic and I would recommend them 100% (and have numerous times.)
5 stars 5
What a great experience! I love my 20/20 vision. Great staff, very friendly and lovely. Every time I've been there I feel welcome, they all treat you like family. It took me a couple months to write a review, and I apologize for that. But hey its never too late, before surgery they gave a very good explanation about the procedure. They did all the prescriptions over the phone to my closest pharmacy :-)<br>The surgery was quick, not even 10 minutes, it took me less than 2 months for my 20/20. And it wasn't even painful, I could of taken Advil for pain, bcuz the pill they prescribed made my stomach upset,(too strong) other than that everything was great. <br>It was such a great experience, they always work with my availability to go to my follow up appointments. <br>I referred a friend of mine, her mom had the surgery last week, and just like me, they loved the service.<br>I would definitely keep referring this place, 5 stars for the surgery and 10000 to the costumer service... Looooved it, thank you so much for changing my life to NO glasses yeeeeyyyy!!!<br>Karla G