6500 Fairmount Ave, Suite #2
El Cerrito, CA 94530

5 stars 5
Dr. Ellis and the entire team in the San Jose offices (on Moorpark) deserve 5+ stars for the service they have given to me. Marleny was the first person I spoke with in the offices, back in 2011, and she is still with Dr. Ellis today! <br><br>I had my first Epi-Lasik with Wavefront done in March of 2011. I had an amazing experience in the office, even if there was some waiting involved (hey, they're spending quality time with their patients! I appreciate that!). I came out of the surgery, and within a week I had better than perfect vision, 20/15!! It was more than incredible.<br><br>It is now August of 2015, and I did have to go in to get a touch-up done. It was expected, as I got the surgery done when I was still at the age that my eyes were shifting. I went in and they told me I only needed to get my left eye done (COOL!). I got the touch-up done yesterday, August 4, and here I am a day later with 20/30 vision already and still healing and getting better!! After I have the bandage contact removed, I expect to have at minimum 20/20 vision, but it'll probably be even better!!<br><br>The ENTIRE staff in the San Jose offices is just outstanding. They truly care for you, and it shows in how they treat you. Marleny is one of the warmest people you will ever meet, and she has a memory like no one I have ever met...she remembered talking to me after surgery, and 4+ years later she still knows what I was doing a few days after surgery!!! I feel like family in this offices, and I truly appreciate everything they have done for me.<br><br>Thank you Dr. Ellis, Thank you Marleny, and thank you to everyone else that has taken excellent care of me over the last 4+ years. I hopefully will not have to get another touch-up done for 10+ years, but I look forward to seeing you all again if it is needed :-) <br><br>THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 stars 5
I had surgery about 2 months ago and everyone in corte madera treated me great. My counselor explained everything to her best knowledge and I will never regret doing the surgery. <br>I like the fact that I don't have to wait no more than 10 min for my follow up appointments and I like the fact that they open Saturdays because that's the only day I could have come in. <br><br>I recommend everyone to come to Ellis Eye!

5 stars 5
My husband John Villanueva had eye surgery in 2013 & July 13,2015. John did not think that he would be able to see clearly 20/20 vision again, but THANKS to Dr, Ellis and his staff, Joel, Raquel, Bobbie, Debra, Paul and Marleny took good care of him from start to finish. We are so HAPPY WE CHOSE DR. ELLIS TO DO MY HUSBAND's SURGERY. We HIGHLY recommend if you need the BEST eye Doctor here in the Bay Area MUST go to see Dr. Ellis. You will be well taken care of from start to finish. THANK YOU AGAIN DR. ELLIS AND STAFF!!!! John & Johnna

5 stars 5
Great, I did my surgery on December 2014 we are now in June 2015 and I can see clearly. Although it was a process because it did hurt a little once the anesthesia wore off but they give you medication unfortunate for me my pharmacy didn't have it when my mom when to look for it. They had to get it from somewhere else. Which I had to bear the burning sensation for a couple of hours. But once I had my medication it was smooth. No pain during the surgery either. You berly even feel it. And it only takes 15 minutes. The filling papers and dealing with payment and checks probably around 2-3 hours. I recovered my full vision little by little. Around March I was seeing very clear, the first couple of weeks were blurry. Even to look at computer was blurry. I'd say if you're vision is to the point where you can't see anything away from you without you're glasses go for it. It is very worth it, to be able to see the world clear again!

5 stars 5
(Translated by Google) A wonderful result. In a place with very good attention and responsibility. I will deal with them if I need it again. (Original) Un maravilloso resultado. En un lugar con muy buena atención y responsabilidad. Me volveré a tratar con ellos si lo vuelvo a necesitar.