5 stars 5
I had cataract surgery done about three years ago, and the results were absolutely perfect. Almost all of my friends who had this surgery done by other doctors experienced problems, and I am still glad that I picked him as my surgeon, based on the recommendation of my wonderful optometrist. I simply asked him which doctor he would choose if he had this surgery done, and he told me that he would only have it done by Dr. Kleinfeldt.
5 stars 5
5 stars 5
I developed serious cataracts at a young age- 45. Dr. Kleinfeldt did the surgery of both my eyes. The Drs and Technicians and also the office staff are all exceptionally kind and caring. They call you back promptly when you are worried or have an issue and get you right back in to see the dr. For those in other reviews that say the drs are in and out in a flash with no bedside manner... you must ask your dr questions and they will spend the time addressing your questions! Its rather uncouth to leave a bad review of such excellent drs and staff if you yourself do not ask questions or think of them AFTER youve left the office. Try writing down any concerns or questions before your appointment and take the questions with you and ask about them and I know by experience that at least Dr Kleinfeldt will spend extra time addressing your concerns.Sincerely and with gratitude,Steven L. Mattes
5 stars 5
Dr. Verb explains everything well, and takes time with his patients, (in other words, he doesn't act abrupt or run out the door in a rush to get to his next patient, as some other doctors do.)
4 stars 4
I have to take my mom there every month to get injections in her right eye because she can't see anything out of her left eye She really likes Dr Ahmed