5 stars 5
Based on our experience, I strongly recommend Maine Solar Solutions. They were knowledgeable, helpful, and professional throughout the entire process, and the level of service was really excellent. Our system required a transformer upgrade -- that's something CMP has to do, and they delayed a long time in doing it. Maine Solar has no control over that, but pretty much the instant CMP was finished upgrading the transformer, Maine Solar came over on very short notice to turn on our system. If I haven't explained this well enough, here's the bottom line: Maine Solar Solutions went above and beyond to get our system up and running.I can't say too much about the system itself yet, as it was just turned on this morning, but all of our panels are operational and currently generating some power even on a cloudy December morning. But based on the service we've gotten so far, if we do encounter any problems or issues in the future, I'm pretty confident that Maine Solar Solutions will do whatever they can to resolve them quickly. All in all, I'm very satisfied, and would definitely recommend them!

5 stars 5
Really good people to work with, everyone who came out to the house was professional and courteous. The office staff was very helpful with navigating all of the permits and paperwork that was needed between the Town and CMP - if there was a glitch, it wasn't on Maine Solar Solutions end - yet they worked with me to straighten it out!

5 stars Recommended
Their knowledge. From start to finish MSS shared our enthusiasm for solar energy and all it entails. We came to them with a vision of an efficient home and they made that vision a reality. They guided us with their expertise and knowledge of everything solar. The crew onsite shared in our enthusiasm for going green in Maine and work diligently the entire time. (Not to mention the Starwars knowledge we all shared :-) ) I was a pleasure to work with everyone on this project. We would highly recommend them for any green project someone would have in mind! in fact, we are recommending them every time we show off our solar system! Thank you all!! Great Job!

5 stars 5
Maine Solar Solutions has been a joy to work with during the whole Solar process. It was a bit tricky due to the fact that the State was in a transition phase from Gross to Net metering. They were very helpful in getting me updates throughout the process and worked with me to find the right system and orientation that would fit my roof. I highly recommend them if you are interested in Solar Arrays even just to acquire more information on this very interesting technology. Thanks

5 stars 5
Professional and friendly; easy to work with. Had 2 separate systems installed; one with battery backup and one without. The battery system had a few glitches that had to be worked out, but they continued working on it till it worked perfectly. Lost power recently for about 4 hours. Worked flawlessly. The other system was without a battery backup. Never had a single issue with it.I highly recommend this company. They are very flexible for modifications to the contract. They were extremely responsive and answered all of my annoying questions. This was by far the best experience I've ever had with any company that I've hired for any job.